Welcome to the Portal e-actions

E-action portal is intended for electronic filing of actions and other applications  initiating judicial proceedings at district and regional courts in civil law matters (civil law, labour law family law, commercial matters (except of commercial register matters) and in administrative justice.

The services of the Portal enable in legal proceedings, by electronic means after logging in to public electronic services of the judiciary, the following:

  1. a new application initiating judicial proceedings (the action),  i.e. a submission, which initiates the judicial proceeding
  2. application, which can amend or supplement  legal proceedings (which has already started)


Submissions are realized through these electronic forms:

  • The application initiating proceedings
  • The application initiating proceedings in matters relating to the care about minors
  • The application for a payment order
  • The application for interim measures
  • The application to secure evidence
  • The application to secure evidence in matters relating to intellectual property rights
  • Other application (for general administration of the court)
  • Addendum to the application instituting proceedings
  • Addendum to the application instituting proceedings in matters relating to the care about minors
  • Withdrawal of application initiating proceedings
  • Opposing the payment order
  • Appeal
  • Other applications

Abovementioned forms could be used to initiate proceedings that may commence without a motion (ex officio).

How to use these services?

The submissions addressed to courts via the E-action Portal may (but need not to) be signed using a qualified electronic signature. If electronic submission contains an application initiating proceedings (the action, change of proposal, appeal, etc.) or an application for interim measures and it is not signed with valid qualified electronic signature, it has to be supplemented in writing or orally to the registry within 3 days from the receipt of the e-application, otherwise it will be disregarded.

If such an electronic submission is signed using a valid qualified electronic signature, the additional submission is not necessary.

Electronic submissions that do not include applications initiating proceedings, is not necessary to sign using the qualified electronic signature nor it is necessary to file any additional submission.