Development of electronic services portal judicial system (RESS) introduces a new and developing existing public electronic services of the judiciary using data from existing systems, taking into account existing technical infrastructure and building universal video conferencing safe storage courts. The main services of the portal are:

  • proposals to institute legal proceedings and other documents (portal eŽaloby)
  • providing information on the electronic case file to the parties
  • electronic diary of court experts, translators and interpreters
  • Central Registry foreclosures
  • videoconference - Secure remote video communications to the parties, the disclosure of court hearings remote third parties online, providing video conferencing services, judiciary
  • Publishing judicial decisions and other information (portal InfoSúd)
  • provision of information from judicial and judicial statistics
  • Provision of information from experts, interpreters, translators, auctioneers, bailiffs, notaries, lawyers, mediators, arbitration courts, probation and mediation officers